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Twenty-five years of experience developing and implementing effective marketing strategies and programs that achieve results.

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With 25 years of experience in B2B marketing for the world's largest supply-chain real estate owner, Shannon McCorison can help businesses of all sizes achieve their branding and marketing goals efficiently and effectively.

Shannon specializes in creating strategic plans and programs and identifying the resources necessary for businesses to execute them effectively.

Here are just a few examples of Shannon's expertise:

  • Developed and directed a repeatable property branding program for multi-market portfolios.
  • Led the branding and marketing conversion of acquired companies to ensure a seamless customer experience and zero downtime for product marketing following the close of each acquisition.
  • Designed and scaled the industry's most recognized event and sponsorship program, resulting in increased customer loyalty and trust and a shorter time to deal completion.


Shannon’s deep understanding of the business and extensive relationships have been instrumental in shaping Prologis’ market-leading brand/reputation, collaborating with senior leadership to articulate the strategic vision, and following through with the execution and implementation to the broader market.

If you're looking for a brand and marketing expert with a proven track record in the industrial real estate sector, Shannon is the market-tested strategic partner you need in your corner.

- Paul Loosmann, Founder and CEO, Alpha Properties

Having worked alongside Shannon for nearly 25 years, I can say without reservation that she has an uncanny ability to get inside the customer's head; skillfully translating that into targeted marketing or customer experiences. What further sets Shannon apart is her skill in balancing internal needs with high-impact outcomes for the brand. She’s been a champion for brand consistency while driving operational efficiencies.

- Eric Brown, Former Managing Director, Global Operations, Prologis

Shannon’s professionalism, understanding of the industrial real estate business, and broker relationships enabled her to work very well with our local teams to balance unique needs with marketing and branding consistency. She developed innovative approaches to promote our properties across the brokerage community and simultaneously offered excellent service to our customers.”

- Larry Harmsen,

Former COO for the Americas, Prologis


Brand Awareness

Build a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Design and execute programs that not only reach the right people but also elevate your brand's awareness.

Message Alignment

Align marketing messages with business goals for maximum impact. Benefit from audits of existing content, messaging guidelines, and team training to ensure consistency across all channels.

Customer Engagement

Understand customer needs and pain points to develop targeted programs and campaigns. Engage effectively to build lasting relationships that align with business goals.

Event Marketing

Choose the right format and venue tailored to your event's goals. Develop a targeted marketing plan aimed at your ideal audience. Strategically oversee logistics, from crafting impactful collateral to sourcing specialized vendors for seamless execution.

Source and Direct Creative Teams

Identify and source creative talent aligned with your marketing objectives. Create a detailed brief outlining your specific needs and expectations. Manage the entire creative process to deliver high-quality marketing materials within your budget.

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